We are located in the Conlara Valley at the foot of The Comechingones Mountain Range – naturally bordering the provinces of San Luis and Cordoba.

Our lodge is located in the city of Villa de Merlo. Ten acres fully landscaped and framed by native forests and impressive views of the mountains.

Travel is usually arranged by your local hunting agency.

Arrival at the Valle de Conlara International Airport which is 30 km away by highway from our lodge is by Private Charter flights only. There are private charter flights available from the Pajas Blancas International Airport in Cordoba, from Aeroparque Airport in Buenos Aires and from Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZEIZA, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

​If arriving at the Pajas Blancas International Airport, in the city of Cordoba, we are 288 km away which is an average drive of 3:00 hs.


If arriving at the Brigadier Mayor César Raúl Ojedala Airport in San Luis City we are 202 km away which is an average drive of 2:10 hs.

American Airlines now offers direct flights to Cordoba from Miami, but all other routes have connections. The best connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama).

There are excellent connections to Buenos Aires from Miami, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta. However, the easiest connections, but slightly more expensive are through Santiago (Chile), where all connections will be at the same airport and generally it is a night flight arriving early morning allowing you to sleep comfortably and arrive fresh.


​When connections are made through Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama), you will have to make connections in the afternoon and arrive early in the morning and departure after midnight. These are the lowest priced flights.


NOTE: When connections are made through Buenos Aires (Argentina) there are only a few direct connections to Cordoba. The majority of connecting flights require you to clear customs and immigration and then ground transfer (bus or taxi) to Aeroparque for your flight to Cordoba, San Luis or Mendoza. It is a 40-80 minute drive between airports depending on the hour and traffic. We will organize your ground transportation in Buenos Aires if this routing is selected.




Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZEIZA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

​At this moment there are 31 airlines operating from Aeropuerto Ministro Pistarini.

​​Each week, at least 126 domestic flights and 833 international flights depart from the Minister Pistarini airport.


​Pajas Blancas Airport (Córdoba, Argentina)

​At this moment there are 9 airlines operating from Pajas Blancas Airport.

​​Each week, at least 273 domestic flights and 56 international flights depart from Pajas Blancas Airport.


​Brigadier Mayor César Raúl Ojedala Airport San Luis

​Connections to San Luis are only on Aerolineas Argentinas and normally there are only two flights daily.




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