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Hunter Roy Argentina

We are a hardworking family Business that strives for our guests to enjoy the excellent hospitality and quality of the Argentine hunting.

We make sure every detail is taken care of so that the hunter feels at home.

We have an impeccable team, composed of a punctual, organized and dedicated staff.

Each group will be led by the owners of Hunter Roy Argentina which guarantees a warm and personalized service.

United with common goals: giving the best of ourselves, enjoying the work and improving day by day.



Professional golfer, passionate feather hunter and father of a family.

"It is a pleasure to work when you love what you do. I do not feel like I'm working, I feel like a great host who shares his passions."



Photographer and mother of two beautiful children.

" Together with my husband we started this exciting project that allows us a life in the field and a family business. The Valley of Conlara gathers a perfect scenario for photography, hunting and golf.

It is ideal for us!"

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